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Spreading PEACE and LOVE

I would like to spread a little bit of peace and love!

After recently attending a rehabilitation course, it was interesting to see how rehabilitation protocols have changed.

You may have heard of RICE, PRICE and POLICE, but the latest theory is PEACE which takes place post injury.


P – Protection: Rest should be minimised as it can compromise tissue strength and quality.

E – Elevation: Make sure the injured limb is raised higher than the heart to help reduce swelling.

AAvoid anti-inflammatories: The anti-inflammatories can delay the healing process. There is no current evidence to support the use of ice for treating soft tissue injury. It is mostly used as an analgesic, however it can disrupt inflammation. Some may think this is a positive effect, but in actual fact, this slows down the healing process. Due to the lack of current evidence, the use of ice still remains down to the individual’s preference.

C-Compression: Tapes or bandages can help limit oedema.

E-Education: Clients need to be educated on how to help themselves rehabilitate at home, rather than relying on the therapist.


After the first few days of the injury, the LOVE technique can then be implemented.

L-Load: Once symptoms allow, normal activities should be resumed as soon as possible and optimal loading without causing pain which promotes repair and strength.

O-Optimism: Patients with a more positive outlook increase their chances of recovery and rehabilitating than those who do not.

V-Vascularisation: Do pain free aerobic exercises a few days after injury to boost motivation and increase blood flow to their injury.

E-Exercise: This can help to restore strength, mobility and proprioception commencing early after injury in a pain free range.

When managing soft tissue injuries, the aim is not short-term care, but for long-term results. This includes restoring tissue, thereby decreasing inflammation and pain. This restores range of movement and optimal load, which helps regain strength and stability, therefore allowing return to activity.

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Watch to find out more about deep tissue massage:

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