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This service is a treatment tailored to suit the individual’s needs.


Massages are carried out by our sports massage therapist, Louise, and can support your day-to-day activities or offer help both before or after any event or match you are preparing for.


We use deep tissue techniques to help prevent injury or particular work for chronic or acute conditions.


You don’t have to play sport to benefit from a sports massage. Many clients do not do any form of sport at all, but suffer with work-related, lifestyle or postural problems such as sciatica, neck pain, plantar fasciitis and lower back ache.


Whether you play tennis, football, cricket, run - or simply feel the weight of your daily job, a sports massage can benefit anybody and can help your body to perform at its best before a big race or simply recovery after a hefty week at work.


Sports massage helps to relax the body and is proven to release and reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and encourage the removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, during high intensity activity.


Not only do these benefits help to promote recovery after injury, they also increase the prevention of muscle injury. In addition to the physical benefits, sports massage can help an athlete mentally prepare for their next activity or competition. 


Sports massage can be effective during preparation, training, competition and recovery. It’s important to know when is the best time for you to receive a sports massage so it can benefit your body in the best way possible. 

Routine Massage

Some clients receive regular massages to help maintain and/ or improve their range of motion and flexibility in targeted areas which are likely to cause them trouble or injury. A sports massage contributes to the prevention of injury. 

Massage for Specific Event

Massages can take place pre and post event. Pre-event massage can be utilised alongside a warm-up to boost circulation and reduce muscle tension, while also assisting mental preparation.


Massages given following an event are used to enhance the body’s recovery process. Effective pre and post event massage can allow clients to return quicker to training and competition pain-free and with a reduced risk of injury. 


Sports massage can aid in the rehabilitation process when returning to sport following an injury. It can increase the speed of healing and reduce discomfort. The techniques used in sport massage can be effective for both acute and chronic injuries. 


Please note that appointment times includes assessment and / or range-of-motion tests.


Home Therapy Room - NG16 2WS

90 Minute Treatment - £69

60 Minute Treatment - £49

Magnolia Therapy Centre - NG5 2EF

60 Minute Treatment - £55

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