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Massage during pregnancy has a number of benefits and can be continued after the birth of your child.

Pregnancy massage has a calming effect on the body’s systems, promotes the production of feel-good hormones and therefore feeling of wellbeing. It relaxes the mind whilst also relieving some of the heavy discomfort you can experience during pregnancy. 


Pregnancy can often produce muscular aches such as leg cramps, muscle stiffness, tension and knots. A massage improves circulation and encourages blood flow to these areas, easing discomfort and pain. 


Getting a good quality sleep becomes increasingly challenging as your pregnancy progresses. But a pregnancy massage relaxes the nervous system and releases good hormones, leaving you in a more relaxed state to hopefully enjoy a better night’s sleep. 


There are many different types of pregnancy massages. They are quite similar to regular massages but are focused more so on the well-being of both mother and baby. The massage can be adapted to each individual depending on the mother’s needs.


Pregnancy massage has many of the benefits of regular massage and these benefits can be particularly effective during pregnancy:


• Circulation is improved which can reduce the risk of developing varicose veins

• Skin texture is improved and therefore the appearance of stretch marks can be reduced

• More relaxed – stress hormones are reduced. Ergo, better sleep!

• Endorphin production is increased, which can help with pain levels

• Reduces fluid retention   


Home Therapy Room - NG16 2WS

90 Minute Treatment - £69

60 Minute Treatment - £49

Magnolia Therapy Centre - NG5 2EF

60 Minute Treatment - £55

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